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Amway was established in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Rich Devos. L.O.C. (Liquid Organic Cleaner), which was initially marketed under the name “Frisk,” was the first product sold under this brand.

Meaning and history

Amway Logo history


Amway Logo-1959

The earliest Amway logo had a pretty casual style. The name of the company looked as though it had been printed using an old typewriter. It was white, while the background was red. Above the red stripe, the blue one was placed. Here, there was the white outline of North America.

Below the red stripe, a white one could be seen. It featured the lettering “Home-care know-how” (capitalized, sans serif type) followed by “… at your doorstep!” (lowercase, handwriting-inspired script). Both the lines were blue.


Amway Logo-1964

When in 1962 Amway opened its first international office (it was located in Ontario, Canada), it was the start of a long way to the global presence. The company implemented its global ambitions in the updated logo, which was introduced in 1964.

Logo Amway1

Like the previous one, it resembled a flag with three fields. While the central field featuring the word “Amway” in white over the red background remained the same, the other two were updated.

The blue field on the top now featured not just North America but the globe (although other continents were only partly visible). The white field below showcased the tagline “Shop without going shopping.” The tagline was given in black. The designers opted for a generic sans serif typeface.


Amway Logo-1982

The continents disappeared from the globe. It now was just an abstract depiction of the earth with parallels and meridians. The tagline was replaced by “We deliver the best.”

Mid 1980s

Amway Logo-1980

The blue and red fields grew shorter, while the white field grew larger. The globe (without the continents) now spread on both the red and the blue fields. The name of the company, which was now given in a type with pronounced serifs, could be seen on the white field. There was no tagline at all, while the logo was placed inside a thick black frame.

Logo Amway

A version without the frame was also used.


Everthing that could be found inside the frame remained unchanged. The tagline “The Business Opportunity Company” appeared below the frame.


Amway Logo

The current Amway logo is by far simpler than its predecessors. The name of the company is given in an unpretentious sans. The initial “A” is the only capitalized glyph. The design would have looked quite generic if not for the red stroke below, which adds a subtle unique touch.