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Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer, according to some sources. It was established in 1972 in Dajia, Taichung County, Taiwan.

Meaning and history

The Giant Bicycles logo can be broken down into two parts: the emblem and wordmark.

The emblem is a circle housing an abstract wavy shape, which can be interpreted as a stylized depiction of the hills, the road, a bird, or even the sea.

Giant Bicycles Logo

The wordmark, which is placed next to the symbol, features the word “Giant” in a pretty heavy sans serif typeface. The glyphs are italicized, which adds a dynamic touch. This is an excellent choice for a bicycle company, we should say. While the overall look of the font is pretty generic, the proximity of the unique emblem and the elegant “tail” of the “G” make the logo distinctive enough.

Versions of the emblem

In addition to the primary emblem, which is described above, the company has used slightly different versions. For instance, you can come across a logo where the word “Bicycles” is added to the main wordmark. It is much smaller and lighter than the name of the brand. The word “Bicycles” features an unpretentious italicized sans serif font.

Giant Bicycles Emblem


The official website showcases the Giant logo in the following colors: white (the letters and wave), blue (the circle), and black (the background). Another version is dominated by the blue background with the letters and a circle in white. A black-and-white version has been used pretty often.