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Meaning and history

1996 — 2002

German Bundesliga Logo 1996One of the older logos (1996-2002) depicted a black-and-white football encircled by yellow and orange spirals.

2002 — 2010

German Bundesliga Logo 2002The Bundesliga logo adopted in 2002 featured a football player in the apex of his jump. His leg was high, and a football could be seen flying not far from it. The human figure and the football were white, while the background was red with a barely noticeable gradient texture. The lettering “Bundesliga” was placed below in two lines. The pictorial emblem and wordmark were housed in a thin black outline.

2010 — 2017

German Bundesliga Logo 2010By contrast, the Bundesliga logo unveiled in 2010 features the wordmark in one line. The pictorial emblem has grown larger in comparison with the lettering. The football is now silver, the gradient texture has become more prominent, and a white bar has appeared above the player’s head.

2017 — Today

German Bundesliga logo