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Lab. Pal Zileri is a renowned Italian fashion brand founded in 1970. Specializing in men’s luxury clothing, it offers impeccable tailoring and sophisticated designs. Owned by the Forall Group, the company operates from its headquarters in Quinto Vicentino, Italy.

Meaning and history

Lab. Pal Zileri Logo

The Lab. Pal Zileri logo has a minimalist yet elegant style. There is something masculine about it. You cannot find anything girlish or carefree about it.

The emblem features the name of the brand in a sans serif type. The width of the strokes varies from very thing to moderate, which helps to add elegance.

What is Lab. Pal Zileri?
Lab. Pal Zileri is an Italian fashion company known for its high-end menswear. It specializes in tailored suits, shirts, and accessories, offering elegant and sophisticated designs for the modern gentleman.


Lab. Pal Zileri emblema

The dark, warm shade of green sometimes used in the logo creates a natural impression. Also, this is somewhat reminiscent of one of the colors often used in the camouflage, and in this way, it adds a masculine touch.

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