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Georgia Aquarium in the name of one of the world’s largest and most popular aquariums. Established in 2005, by today the aquarium is home to several thousands of animals, which attracts more than 2,5 million visitors per year.

Meaning and history

Georgia Aquarium logo

The famous Georgian aquarium boasts a very stylish and modern logo, which is composed of a cool emblem with an elegant contemporary inscription under it. The blue and gray logo sometimes changes its color to white when placed on dark backgrounds, where different sea creatures are drawn.

The Georgia Aquarium emblem is a stylized letter “G” with a fishtail. Executed in clean minimalist lines it looks powerful and modern, accenting on the strong features and a professional approach.

The lettering, placed under the emblem, is written in all capitals using a custom ge-ometric sans-serif typeface with thin distinct lines. The extended letters have a lot of space between each other, which makes the whole image airy and cool.

The typeface of the aquarium’s logotype is very similar to Bank Gothic STD Medium, which is a square sans-serif, designed by Bitstream foundry.

The blue and white color palette of the visual identity is, first of all, a celebration of water and ocean life, but it is also a combination, which evokes calm and relaxing feelings, representing expertise, authority, and loyalty.