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Geberit is a European company, which specializes in sanitary parts manufacturing. The business was established in 1874 in Switzerland and has grown into the regional leader in its segment, having its operating offices, subsidiaries and 11 thousand employees all over the world.

Meaning and history

The company, named after its founder, Caspar Melchior Albert Gebert, is one of the European leaders in sanitary ceramics production and its visual identity is a perfect reflection of the professionalism and stability of the brand with more than 140 years of history.

The company’s logo is composed of a bold wordmark with a minimalist geometric emblem on its left. The Geberit emblem is a solid blue square which is slightly smaller than the size of the nameplate’s letters.

Geberit Emblem

The blue color of the symbol is synonymous with water and purity, at the same time it represents authority and reliability of the brand, evoking a sense of protection and responsibility. The square shape is usually associated with balance and basic structures, it also symbolizes integrity and stability. All the above qualities can say a lot about the company.

The blue color of the emblem is accompanied by black of the nameplate, which adds power, seriousness, and prestige of the Swiss label, which values the quality and design of its products.


The company’s wordmark in all capitals is executed in a bold traditional sans-serif typeface, which is a popular humanist font, Frutiger. The font is used by many brands and corporations as it reflects all the basic principles of big and serious business — strength, solidness, and stability.

It also looks elegant and timeless with its sleek bold lines and distinct contours dog the letterforms. Frutiger typeface was designed in 1968 and named after its creator, Swiss typographic designer Adrian Frutiger. Which is also interesting, as the huge international company chooses the font, designed in its country, in order to show the importance of roots and heritage, as well as emphasize on a famous Swiss quality and punctuality.

Geberit Logo


Geberit is a trusted manufacturer of water supply pipes and fittings, installation, and drainage and flushing systems such as visible cisterns other sanitary systems for the residential, commercial, new construction and renovation markets.

The globally operating group is a European leader in its field. The corporation operates as an integrated group with a strong presence in Europe, with 24 production facilities there and 6 on the other continents. Geberit also has almost 50 operating offices across the globe where 12 thousand employees work.

The range of the company’s products includes sanitary and piping systems, such as cisterns, mechanisms and installation structures, fittings and faucets, as well as drainage. The brand also designs and produces bathroom ceramics and accessories, which are very popular worldwide.