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GE Healthcare is an American manufacturer and distributor of diagnostic imaging agents, a subsidiary of General Electric. It was founded in 1892 after the Edison General Electric Company and the Thomson-Houston Electric Company merged to form the General Electric Company. The company was incorporated in 1994 and operates in more than 100 countries.

Meaning and history

GE Healthcare Logo history

1994 – 2004

GE Healthcare Logo 1994

They used their long-time emblem since the beginning. In 1994, they came up with a black round logo featuring an old-fashioned hand-written ‘H’ in its center. Inside, and along the edges of the logo, there was also a white line with several drop-like extensions protruding out of it from all cardinal directions, representing the balance.
There was also the company’s own name – ‘GE Medical Systems’ – written in black serif letters on the right of the emblem.

February – July 2004

GE Healthcare Logo 2004
In February 2004, they moved the name to beneath the emblem, while also changing was it says. It now spelt ‘GE Healthcare’.

2004 – Today

GE Healthcare Logo

The GE Healthcare logo reflects the brands balance between being dynamic and relevant with remaining true to its core DNA.

The brand logo is a round-framed white monogram on a blue background. The famous GE Monogram was created and trademarked in the 1890s. It is an elegant hand-written lettering, which first appeared in monochrome.

The Monogram consists of four parts: the solid circle, the stylized circle, the solid background, and the rounded script.

The custom GE Healthcare typeface, GE Inspira, was conceived from the Monogram. Designed in 2004, Inspira was derived from the rounded curves and precise nature of the brands mark.

The GE Healthcare logo offers a strong, relevant, and distinct visual representation of the brand. Its hand-drawn and rounded forms make it feel human and agile. Its balance references precision and technical expertise.