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The Galactic Empire is a government that covered the entire Galaxy, created in 19 BBY, and replaced the former galactic state formation – the Galactic Republic. The first head of this state and its founder is considered to be Palpatine, the first Galactic Emperor and the last Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic (aka Sith Lord Darth Sidious). The Empire is supposed to be a brutal dictatorship that kills billions of innocent people just so it can eradicate some of the dissidents who didn’t like being ruled by a Sith autocrat.

Meaning and History

The level of devastation caused by the Clone Wars has not been seen in thousands of years. It affected almost every world in the galaxy, claiming billions of lives and destroying billions more. The rise of the Galactic Empire (also referred to as the New Order, First Galactic Empire, Old Galactic Empire, Palpatine’s New Order, or more often just the Empire) marked the first period of peace and stability in the galaxy that many could remember at the time. As Palpatine decreed in his first inaugural address to the empire, “We are the Empire of Laws!” Law and order were clearly a priority for the Galactic Empire. Palpatine apparently opened a new Galactic Empire to replace the Republic and correct all of its shortcomings. Its date of establishment was 19 BBY. The date of reorganization was 19 ABY, while the date of restoration as a new Galactic Empire was between 40 and 130 ABY.

What is Galactic Empire?
The Galactic Empire is a government from Star Wars. Its massive feet were primarily dedicated to guarding the galaxy, though they were ruthless in their dealings with the rebels. Nonetheless, as with their economy, the Empire took a bold step forward in technology. Moreover, an official Imperial Symphony Orchestra was formed by 15BBY and toured all the major worlds. The Empire also had a lot of sports.

1977 – Today

Galactic Empire Logo

The Galactic Empire symbol was first seen in the 1977 film and later appeared in several TV sequels. It was a symbol that was meant to represent the government’s control of everything and its power. The symbol consisted of a round black and white emblem that resembled a wheel. This is actually a good comparison since whoever has the wheel is able to control where the state, in this case, is going. It had a white center with six triangular rays coming out of it. It was placed on a black round shape with a pattern on the outer edge. The emblem was completed by a black ring on the outside.

Font and Color

Galactic Empire Emblem

Although the emblem does not feature any inscriptions, the black-and-white color palette can tell us a lot. First of all the black color is the symbol of power. It is used to convey authority and certainty. This formal color is accompanied by white, a color of perfection. It is also a color of cleanliness, which can stand for a new beginning.

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