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Minelab is a global brand of metal detectors manufacturer. It was established in 1985 and launched its first device same year. The company is a part of Codan Group, which is a world’s leader in high frequency radio production.

Meaning and history

The Minelab logo is a wordmark with a brand’s icon as a central element. The typeface of the nameplate is strict and clean, and balances the big bright Minelab emblem.

Logo Minelab

The red emblem consists of two bold intertwined letters “M” and “N”, with the right side of the letters forming both “I” and “E”. It is a geometrical image of the brand’s name part, “Mine”.

The color palette of the logo is red and black on a white background, which makes the logo look confident and modern. The Minelab logo is very recognizable around the world and the company also places it on fashion items, such as hoodies and caps.