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Fox Racing is the name of a sports apparel brand, which was established in 1974 in the United States. Headquartered in California, today the brand sells its motor cross gear and accessories on all continents and in dozens of countries, including the USA, UK, Australia, and Brazil.

Meaning and history

Fox Racing Logo history

The brand, named after its founders, the Fox family, is mostly specialized in motocross and biking equipment but also designs and produces apparel for surfing and wakeboarding, along with some other sports. The products of Fox Racing are very popular along with professional sportsmen and amateurs, as it has a character and very recognizable style.

Old Logo

Fox Racing Logo old

The designers used Marbold Normal or Lodestone Pro or a similar font to print “Moto-X Fox” above the round emblem. This black inscription was underlined by two black lines, which made sure it was not lost and enhanced the solid look. A drawing of an orange fox head with a black outline, which was originally intended to symbolize the last name of the founders and the brand name, became closely associated with the Fox apparel brand. The head is placed on a beige round base with a thick black outline that matches the black lines used to draw the fox head and the inscription above.

1980’s – 2000

Fox Racing Logo 1980

In terms of visual identity, the brand has been pretty conservative and has always used a bold monochrome emblem as the only element of the badge. The Fox Racing emblem is a stylized drawing of Fox’s head (by the way, the name of the company, which owns the brand is Fox Head). It is drawn in solid black, with a bold double outline in white and black, and two white lines over the animal’s face, for the eyes. The emblem is usually placed slightly diagonally, which makes it instantly recognizable.

Although the primary version of the Fox Racing brand is just the portrait of a Fox, for marketing and the brand’s stored banners, the emblem usually replaced the letter “O”, in an uppercase black and white “Fox” inscription, set in massive letters of a square serif typeface. The letters on the banners are slightly slanted to the right, balancing the diagonal placement of the emblem and evoking a sense of motion and dynamics

2000 – now

Fox Racing Logo 2000

The fox head is no longer part of the name. It is done in white with a black outline and placed to the right of the inscription. The latter features a more modern and striking font that features straight and clean lines, sharp angles, and diagonal cuts for the “F” that are combined with straight cuts used for other strokes. The designers used a sans-serif, italicized font, which closely resembles THUNDER ONE 1 but with both horizontal lines of the “F” being cut on a diagonal, and connected all the characters in one place or the other. The logo turned out very stylish and bold, mainly thanks to the font choice.

2022 – now

Fox Racing Logo

The updated logo uses a sans-serif, bold font similar to Klamp 105 Bold and wide spacing to print the brand name. The fox head, which was slightly redrawn, has moved to the left and features a solid black with the white being used only for the eyes. The new logo presents the brand as a solid company that follows modern trends but remembers its roots and stays true to its original values.

What does the Fox logo mean?
The logo of the Fox Racing brand depicts a Fox, which is a graphical representation of the company’s name. As for cultural associations, Fox usually stands for wisdom and intelligence. The Japanese consider the fox a symbol of good luck, possessing wit and cunning. But for some people, a Fox symbolizes hypocrisy, deceit, and treachery.

Who is sponsored by Fox Racing?
Fox Racing is a reputable company in its segment, it is known and respected all over the globe and sponsors many athletes in various disciplines: from motocross to wakeboarding. For example, Fox sponsors Team Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki, and several HRC’s riders including Tim Gajser, Brian Bogers, and Calvin Vlaanderen.

What brand has a Fox head logo?
Fox is not a very common animal to be featured on the logo, as it has a pretty double-sided meaning. On the one hand, it symbolizes luck and wisdom, but on the other one — fox stands for cunning, hypocrisy, and deceit. However, there are several famous brands, which use the depiction of this animal for its identity. Among these brands are Fox Racing, copper Fox, and Black Foxes of Rugby League.

Where is Fox Racing from?
Fox Racing is an American company, which was established in 1974 in California. Today the company operates all over the globe but is headquartered in its mother city, Irvine, California.