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Fox News is the name of the channel of one of the largest American media corporations, which was established in 1996. Today Fox News is considered to be one of the most reliable news sources in North America and successfully broadcasts all over the region.

Meaning and history

Fox News Logo history

The visual identity of the Fox News has always been consistent and once drawn in 1990, before the launch of the channel, it was only slightly redesigned throughout the years, keeping the geometry and idea of the original version, by changing the angle and color palette.

1990 – 1996

Fox News Logo 1990

The very first logo for Fox News was created in 1990 and stayed with the brand until 1996, the year when the channel was launched. So the first era of the company was linked to the black and yellow emblem, which became a base for all the future visual identity designs.

The “Fox” lettering in all capitals was placed in ¾ and framed in diagonal thick lines, resembling spotlights. It was also underlined by two parallels, representing the stage.

Black drawing placed on a yellow background was a representation of energy and expertise, showing a trustworthy and reliable company.

1996 – 2002

Fox News Logo 1996

The redesign of 1996 was held as the Channel got launched. The image kept its original composition, but became flat and gained a red horizontal rectangle with the “News” inscription, under the main emblem.

As for the main emblem, it now featured a black square with a white bold “Fox” inscription and four diagonal spotlights.

The new color palette elevated the logo, making it look more professional and confident, representing quality and authority.

2002 – 2017

Fox News Logo 2002

2017 – Today

Fox News Logo

The Fox News Channel uses the same logo, but with the word “Channel” in the bottom horizontal rectangle, which is usually colored red.

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