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Fordham University Logo
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Fordham University is an American commercial institution, founded in the middle of the 19th century and located in New York City. They provide people with theoretical knowledge in various fields of liberal arts, as well as ways to use this knowledge in practical situations. There are many educational programs in the list of university offers. The university’s organization consists of four campuses and a variety of educational facilities, centers, and laboratories, all of which are spread in various corners of New York City and its agglomeration area. There is also a campus in England, London.

Meaning and history

Initially, Fordham was a small village near New York. After the railroad construction in the middle of 19th century, the businessmen took a notice of this village. Schools, hospitals and colleges began to appear. The predecessor of Fordham University was St. John’s College and Hospital. Its main authority was law and medicine. It was established in 1839-1841, when a rich businessman named Robert Watt has sold most of his estate in the village to the Roman-Catholic Society of Jesus, which, in its turn, restructured the estate into a college. In 1907, the college officially became a university. It received the new name and the logotype.

What is Fordham University?
Fordham University is a publically open educational organization, which appeared in New York, 1841, as St. John’s College and Hospital. This is mostly humanitarian university, which specializes in fields of philosophy, business, law and medicine. The campuses and facilities of the university are located generally in New York City and its agglomeration, but there are points of presence in London. Also, the university is known for its religious direction – there are many church facilities held by the organization. Their teaching programs provide its members with an attentively designed space for studying and skills training.

1907 – today

Fordham University Logo 1907

The official mark of the university, usually used on important papers and documents signed by the institution’s representatives, is its seal. It rarely changed throughout the university’s history. The seal consists of several parts: the outer ring, which is styled as a belt with the name in Latin on it; the small circle, located in the upper part of the belt, and depicting a wreath and a list of sciences studied in the university; the paper-styled tape, located deeper in the seal, and which is showing the motto, ‘Sapientia et Doctrina’, which can be translated in English as ‘Wisdom and Learning’; and a large central shield, showing the ‘IHS’ symbol with a crest going from the ‘H’ character.

1907 – today

Fordham University Logo

The primary logotype of the brand features the familiar seal, placed left side from inscriptions. The upper lettering is the nameplate, written in English. It’s bordered by a thin horizontal stroke from ‘The Jesuit University of New York’ inscription located below. There isn’t any background for the logo.


In total, for the seal and the logotype of the university, the design team has used 4 scripts.

In the seal, a sans-serif typeface is used for the organization’s name and the year of foundation in the outer framing, as well as the list of sciences in the upper part of the belt. The letters of a typical appearance have small gaps in between. The central ‘IHS’ symbol has an uppercase type with small serifs. The ‘Sapientia et Doctrina’ motto is featured with a light sans-serif type.

Both inscriptions in the primary logotype have a slim yet distinctive typeface with prominent serifs, which looks like Times New Roman. The only difference between the two inscriptions is that the name is larger than the note below it.


The design team of the university has decided to use two different color schemes, which, however, remind one another. The seal is drawn with a red ring, having double beige and brown outlines from both sides. The inner part of the mark has a beige coloring. The paper-styled line is blue, as well as the upper circle with the wreath. The wreath itself is green. As for the central shield, so its coloring has a red shade used for the frame, dark blue for the inner part and white for a small contour.