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The University of Southern California, established in 1868, is one of the most well-known and reputable research and educational systems in the United States, which is composed of ten campuses, located all over California state. Today the university has almost 300 thousand students and more than 50 thousand graduates.

Meaning and history

University of Southern California logo

The visual identity of the University of Southern California is a tribute to its historic roots and heritage, as everything in its rounded emblem and a classy elegant logo-type is timeless and traditional in the best meanings of these words.

The logo of the university consists of two parts, which are usually used separately, but sometimes make up one badge. The emblem can also be split into two fragments, with its shield as a separate symbol.

University of Southern California emblema

The ornate University’s symbol is composed of a crest with three torches and sun on top. It is enclosed in a frame formed by a curved ribbon, where the wordmark is written in all capitals of a simple yet sophisticated serif typeface. The “1880” datemark is placed between the frame and the crest, in the upper part of the logo.

The bottom part is taken by another ribbon, with a “Palmam Qui Meruit Ferat” motto, which translates as “Let whoever earns the palm, bear it”. When placed inside the frame, the crest has two ornate roses on its sides.

Font and color

The USC logotype, set in two levels, is executed in an elegant serif typeface, which is very similar to Caslon family fonts, with classic contours of the letters and distinct serifs.

The burgundy and black color palette of the logo is sometimes complemented by white and yellow shades, which add a sense of energy, loyalty, and motion to a chic and royal combination, standing for professionalism, courage, and dedication.