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FMovies is the name of a web portal with a huge selection of movies, tv-shows, and series available to watch online or download to your device absolutely for free. The website is being constantly updated and has a very convenient menu to search for the right movie.

Meaning and history

FMovies managed to build the website, which is really easy-to-use for everyone. The interface is pretty simple, and the catalog does not have a billion positions, but just a few, which makes the search super easy. Here you can browse the content either by genre or by country. Also, you can choose between what you are looking for: movies, shows, or series. This way even people who do not use the internet daily will be able to enjoy watching movies.

What is FMovies?
FMovies is a website, created for online streaming and downloading movies, series, and tv-shows, with no registration and payments. The platform has a very rich selection of video content, which is being updated daily.

In terms of visual identity, FMohies looks very professional and fresh. Apart from the official logo, used on every page of the website, there is also an icon, designed in the corporate color palette, and a mobile app emblem, which looks self-sufficient and modern.

2020 – Today

FMovies Logo

The official FMovies logo is composed of a bright turquoise rectangular, which is set horizontally and contains a bold white “FMovies” logotype in white capitals. The inscription is set in a modern and strong Sans-serif typeface, with the first letter slightly modernized and stylized as a video camera: the bottom horizontal bar of the “F” is drawn as a trapezoid with its wide side facing to the right.

The same letter “F” is used as the only element on the mobile app icon of the platform, but in this case, the letter is set in a glossy and slightly gradient turquoise square with rounded angles.

As for the web icon of the service, it is plain and flat but also executed in the turquoise and white color palette. The composition features a solid turquoise circle with a plain white triangle set on it. Of course, the triangle is meant to represent the “Play” button, so it’s set horizontally with its peak facing to the right.

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