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Meaning and history

Florida State League Logo history
Founded in 1919, the Florida State League has over 100 year history with many titles and achievements to be proud of. There were short period during the league did not have games. First, there were no games for eight years starting from 1928. The World War 2 also left its footprint in the history of this league. In 2009, the league got its own Hall of Fame. Currently, ten team form this league and compete in the West and East divisions.

1990 – 2019

Florida State League logo 1990
The baseball theme is very prominent on the Florida State League logo. On the forefront, you can see a batter hitting a ball, and there’re two more people behind him. To emphasize the connection with the state of Florida, the author of the logo placed a white outline of Florida on the background.
The design is positioned over an orange circle, which, in its turn, is encircled by the lettering “Florida State League Since 1919” in black over the white background. Due to two dark green rings (inside and outside the lettering), the color scheme gets more contrast.

2019 – Today

Florida State League logo
The updated logo is based on the earlier version. A dark green replaced the white in the border and the silhouette of the Florida state was also done in lighter green. The bright colors were also infused in other parts of the logo. The orange color was made brighter and instead of baseball players the logo depicted the hot yellow Florida sun and green palm trees underneath. The logo did not lose the baseball theme completely as the sun was stylized as the baseball ball. To make the inscription stand out on a dark green background, the designers used a white color. They also changed the font, but kept it bold and sans-serif to preserve a recognizable image.