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The Fire Department logo is called the Maltese cross. It appears both on the clothes of fire fighters and on the apparatus they use. In some countries (for instance, Great Britain and Canada), a version with eight points is used.

Meaning and history

Logo Fire Department

The history of the Maltese cross started centuries ago, at the time of crusades. The Knights from the Order of St John of Jerusalem, also known as the Knights of Malta, fought the Saracens, who used weapon that worked very much like modern “Molotov Cocktails”: glass bombs with highly flammable liquid.


Symbol Fire Department

The knights were trying hard to save their brothers-in-arms from the fiery deaths, and in a way they were firefighters. So, the cross they were wearing on their tunics became the symbol of bravery and sacrifice for modern firefighters.


Emblem Fire Department

Most certainly, the first Fire Department to use a Maltese cross as its emblem was the New York Fire Department. In Brooklyn, the cross was adopted in 1882. At least this is what Gary Urbanowicz writes in his book “Badges of the Bravest”.


Font Fire Department Logo

The Maltese cross is just a basic shape that can be used for various inscriptions or symbols. One of the most popular ones, the “Fire Rescue” symbol, features a simple all-cap serif font.


Color Fire Department Logo

The combination of red and white has been one of the most popular color palettes for the Fire Department logo in the US. However, other versions are also used very often.