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Ajio is an Indian online fashion retailer, which was established in 2016 by Mukesh Ambani. The company specializes in the design and distribution of trendy clothing for men, women, and kids, along with national costumes and home textiles. The company only delivers its products throughout India.

Meaning and history

Ajio Logo1The visual identity of the e-commerce platform is strict and laconic. Its logo, composed of a wordmark and an emblem, which is usually used on its own, is bold and confident.

The dark gray and white color combination of the company’s visual identity represents a stable and serious company, which values quality and is reliable and trustworthy. The calm and minimalist color palette does not distract from the bright assortment of the products the website has to offer and looks great on tags and packaging.

The emblem of the online retailer is also laconic — a capital “A” in white placed inside a gray circle. The company uses it for the website and mobile apps, as an icon, and sometimes puts it near the logotype.

What is Ajio?
Ajio is the name of an e-commerce platform from India, which is mainly specialized in fashion and accessories for men and women. The platform was established in 2016, and by today has grown into one of the largest and most popular destinations for online shopping in its region.


The wordmark of the e-commerce business is written in all capital letters, which adds a sense of professionalism and expertise. Its bold modern sans-serif typeface looks very similar to Bambino Bold, a font, designed by Milos Mitrovic and inspired by the iconic Futura Family.

The nameplate is well-balanced and has a lot of space between the letters, making the logo look harmonized and complete. It is a very strong inscription, which shows a responsible and loyal company, which aims to provide its customers with the products of the highest quality.


Ajio Logo

Ajio is the part of the Reliance Retail Group, the largest fashion distributor in India. The group has almost 800 stores across the country and serves millions of customers through the online platform, which offers a wide range of items available with express delivery nationwide.

The website’s catalog includes thousands of goods available in women, men in kids categories. Everything from clothing to shoes and bags can be found here, along with the wide selection of items on sale, which is being updated regularly.

The e-commerce platform also sells ethnic Indian apparel and accessories, as well as home textiles. Offering a full range of clothing and footwear, the e-store is a one-stop fashion destination for millions of customers across the country.