THG Logo


THG is an abbreviation for The Hut Group, a retail company from the United Kingdom, which was established in 2004 by Matthew Moulding and John Gallemore. Today the company operates worldwide and specializes in e-commerce, having the most part of its sales outside of GB.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of The Hut Group is minimalist and laconic, just like it has to be for the company, specializing in retail. The simple monochrome logotype with clean distinct lines is what looks good on any background and with any pattern, and as the company operates through its e-commerce platform, the black inscription is the right choice, which is timeless and always actual.

The THG logo is written in two styles. The words, placed without any spaces between each other feature the same sans-serif typeface, but the first, “TheHut”, part boasts bolder and stronger lines, while the “Group” lettering is written in thin delicate lines.

THG Logo

The font of the inscription is very similar to Quinoa Text, but with the letter “G” slightly modified and made more masculine and strict.

Under the main logotype, the additional tagline is sometimes placed. The “Attention To Retail” motto of the e-commerce company features really small sans-serif lettering in the same typeface as the wordmark.

The black and white color palette is classic. There are things that will never change, and the monochrome combination will always be in trend and will always symbolize style, expertise, and professionalism.