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Eneba is an online store, established in 2015 in Lithuania. The company specializes in the distribution of digital games and various points and gift cards. The e-store operates globally and instantly became very popular among gamers due to a wide selection of items available.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the gaming platform is bright and strong. Its colorful logo is composed of a customized wordmark and an emblem.

The Eneba emblem, placed on the left of the nameplate, is composed of three parts, forming a circle. The parts resemble sea creatures, each of them is drawn in a different color — orange, pink and light blue. The colors symbolize the assortment of products, offered by the retailer, they also symbolize energy and innovative approach, reflecting a dynamic and progressive company.

The circular shape of the emblem is a symbol of unity. And as the website claims itself as a platform, where all the gamers of the world can communicate, it does really make sense.

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The bright and fresh visual identity of the e-commerce company is memorable and eye-catching. It makes the platform stand out in the list of its competitors, evoking a friendly and kind feeling and a sense of reliability and loyalty.


The wordmark in the lowercase is executed in a custom sans-serif typeface with modern stencils. The font is probably based on Sequel Sans, but with its contours stylized and modified.

The inscription looks futuristic and perfectly reflects the platform’s essence and nature, evoking a mysterious sense and creating a stylish and contemporary mood.


Eneba Logo

Eneba is one of the leading European online retailers of digital games and related products. The catalog of the e-commerce platform includes such categories as games (of all the possible genres), game codes, keys, and prepaid gift cards.

The online retailer accepts almost all the existing payment methods and has no hidden fees — you only pay the amount you see when browsing the items.

Being one of the most popular platforms for buying game content, Eneba is more about the gaming community that the e-store. It unites gamers from all over the world, offering the best deals.