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The Fairleigh Dickinson Knights logo has always remained loyal to the chess theme. The “knight” here is not a man in armor but a piece in the game of chess.

Meaning and history

Fairleigh Dickinson Knights Logo history

Fairleigh Dickinson University, founded in 1942, is home to the athletic teams known as the Fairleigh Dickinson Knights. Established within a private university in New Jersey, USA, these teams represent the university in various intercollegiate sports. The Knights are primarily known for their participation in the NCAA Division I, particularly excelling in sports such as basketball, soccer, and golf. Over the years, the Knights have achieved significant milestones, marking their presence prominently in college athletics.

One of the main achievements of the Fairleigh Dickinson Knights includes their notable performances in NCAA basketball tournaments. They have made several appearances in the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, earning recognition on the national stage. Their women’s teams, particularly in basketball and volleyball, have also shown commendable performances in their respective tournaments. These achievements not only reflect the sporting prowess of the Knights but also their dedication and commitment to excellence in athletics.

In recent years, the Fairleigh Dickinson Knights continue to hold a significant position in collegiate sports. They are known for nurturing young talent and contributing to the overall development of student-athletes. Their current focus lies in enhancing their competitiveness across all sports, striving to achieve higher rankings and recognition in NCAA Division I athletics. The commitment of the university to its athletic program ensures the continuous growth and success of the Fairleigh Dickinson Knights.

What is Fairleigh Dickinson Knights?
The Fairleigh Dickinson Knights is the athletic team of Fairleigh Dickinson University, competing in NCAA Division I. They are known for their strong presence in sports like basketball and soccer, representing collegiate athletics excellence.

1995 – 2003

Fairleigh Dickinson Knights Logo-1996

The knight on the emblem introduced in 1995 was given in dark blue with white highlights. As the game of chess suggests, the knight is represented by a horse’s head and neck. Below, the word “Knights” is given in red.

2004 – 2019

Fairleigh Dickinson Knights Logo 2004
In 2004, the Fairleigh Dickinson Knights logo went through a subtle modification. The blue has gone slightly paler, and the lettering “Fairleigh Dickinson” appeared above the knight’s head.

2019 – Today

Fairleigh Dickinson Knights logo
The previous design was largely retained, except for the words ‘Farleigh Dickinson’, and with the slightly darker colors.

Fairleigh Dickinson Knights basketball

Fairleigh Dickinson Knights basketball logo

Out of the 17 sports teams representing Fairleigh Dickinson University, the basketball teams are arguably the best-known ones. The men’s team has competed in six NCAA Tournaments, two NAIA Tournaments, and two National Invitation Tournaments. The women’s team, which is currently coached by Angelika Szumilo, has won two Northeast Conference Tournament titles, as well as a regular-season title.

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Fairleigh Dickinson Knights Colors

HEX COLOR: #28334A;
RGB: (40, 51, 74)
CMYK: (87, 76, 46, 43)

HEX COLOR: #72293C;
RGB: (114, 41, 60)
CMYK: (39, 89, 59, 38)