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Fagor is a Spanish brand of major appliance manufacturer, founded in 1956 in Mondragon, Basque Country. Today the brand is a part of ONNERA Group and takes the leading position in the Spanish appliance market.

Meaning and history

The Fagor logo is eye-catching and strong due to its color palette and straight clean lines.

White sans serif lettering on a black background is accompanied by the recognizable Fagor emblem.

Logo Fagor

The emblem is a red circle with two cut-out lines, resembling the “F” bars. It adds movement and dynamics to the logo.

The classic monochrome plus red color scheme symbolizes brand’s power and confidence. Fagor is one of the largest European appliance companies and its logo is a statement of brand’s quality and rich heritage.

What is Fagor?
Fagor is a European domestic appliances producing company, which was founded in 1956, and by today has grown into one of the largest manufacturers in Spain in its segment. The company from Basque Country successfully operates all over the globe.

Font and color

The Fagor badge is composed of two very strong elements, which can perfectly represent the company together or separately. The heavy black lettering in the uppercase is set in a modern and solid sans-serif typeface, which was designed specifically for the company, but has some resemblance with such fonts as Eastman Grotesque Heavy and Tafel Sans BC Black.

As for the color palette of the Fagor visual identity, it is based on the two most powerful colors in the spectrum — black and red. The solidness and seriousness of the black inscription are enhanced and elevated by the passionate and energetic shade of red, and two white stripes over the red circle (which in some cases turn black, with the wordmark written in white and placed on a black background) add light and the sense of motion and speed.