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Nakamichi is a brand of electronic device manufacturer. The brand was established in 1948 in Japan. Today the company is a Nimble Holding’s subsidiary and specializes mainly in creation of high-quality audio products.

Meaning and history

Nakamichi logoThe brand got its name from the family name of its founder, Etsuro Nakamichi, yet in Japanese it means “in the middle of the way”.

What is Nakamichi?
Nakamichi is a renowned brand that specializes in high-quality audio and visual equipment. With a rich history dating back to 1948, Nakamichi has earned a reputation for its innovative designs, superior sound quality, and cutting-edge technologies. Their products range from premium headphones and speakers to car audio systems, consistently delivering immersive audio experiences to enthusiasts worldwide.

The Nakamichi logo resembles of the Japanese flag. Its minimalist wordmark in fine rounded lines of sans serif font is complimented by a white and red geometric icon.

The Nakamichi icon is composed of half of the circle connected with a square. The circle part resembles of the Japanese “red sun” symbol, and also represents half of the Earth, lightened by the sun.

Another meaning of the Nakamichi icon — is a geometrical sketch of the letter “N”, which is not too obvious.

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