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Gorenje is a renowned home appliance manufacturer founded in Slovenia. With a strong commitment to quality and innovation, it offers a wide range of products for households worldwide. Gorenje is owned by Hisense, a Chinese multinational company. Gorenje operates globally, catering to customers in various countries and regions.

Meaning and history

Gorenje logo

The Gorenje logo is a modest and laconic wordmark with a tagline. The nameplate in all lowercase letters is executed in classic bold sans serif font with the use of soft gray color. It is elegant and confident. The color accent of the Gorenje logo is its tagline. Handwritten stylized “Life simplified” brand’s statement is executed in turquoise green, which is a perfect match with the gray of the wordmark. The Gorenje logo perfectly reflects its statement. Simplicity in forms and colors of the emblem compliment the traditional approach to company’s products manufacturing.

The brand was named after the village, where it was established, and it is strongly connected to its roots.

What is Gorenje?
Gorenje is a Slovenian multinational home appliance manufacturer. They specialize in producing a wide range of high-quality kitchen appliances and household products for both domestic and commercial use.

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