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Excision is a pioneering force in the electronic dance music scene, known for his heavy dubstep sound and immersive live performances. Created by Canadian DJ and producer Jeff Abel, Excision emerged from Kelowna, British Columbia, in the late 2000s. He’s renowned for pushing the boundaries of bass music, incorporating intense visuals and high-fidelity sound systems like “The Paradox” in his shows. Excision’s work aims to provide fans with an unforgettable audiovisual experience, continuously innovating within the EDM genre.

Meaning and history

Excision, the brainchild of Jeff Abel, has carved a formidable niche in the electronic music domain, emerging from the serene landscapes of Kelowna, British Columbia.

Known for his distinctive blend of heavy dubstep and bass music, Abel’s journey began in the late 2000s, quickly evolving from underground curiosity to festival headliner. Excision is not just a music project, it’s a multi-sensory experience, renowned for its bone-rattling bass and spectacular visual shows, like the groundbreaking “The Paradox”. His innovation extends to the establishment of a record label, Rottun Recordings, fostering emerging talents within the bass music scene. Excision’s influence is palpable, not only through his music but also through curated events like “Lost Lands,” a festival that has become a mecca for bass music enthusiasts.

Through relentless creativity and a deep passion for the genre, Excision has transcended mere musical performance, embodying a cultural movement that continues to electrify audiences worldwide.

What is Excision?
Excision stands as a monolith in the realm of electronic music, embodying the raw power of dubstep infused with an inventive edge. Behind this sonic behemoth is Jeff Abel, a Canadian maestro who transforms audio waves into an electrifying spectacle, making every performance an unforgettable journey through sound and visuals.

2009 – Today

Excision Logo

The logo is a bold, angular design that screams modern edge. Its fragmented yet unified letters stand stark black, rhythmic and cutting-edge. The futuristic design’s geometric letters suggest digital armor or an abstract skyline, symbolizing a bastion of innovative sound.

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