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While Eurobank has a distinctive and bright logotype, it may seem somewhat cluttered.

Meaning and history

Eurobank Logo history


Eurobank logo old

The old Eurobank logo showcased the name of the bank in white inside a bright red rectangle. To the left, there was an emblem, which could be described as a whirl inside a white square. The whirl could be interpreted as a stylized “e.”

The name of the brand was given in an unpretentious sans serif type. It looked rounded and friendly. The word consisted of only lowercase glyphs.

Current emblem

Eurobank logo

While the updated logo is pretty different from the original, you can still perceive a distinct link between them.

The type has grown slightly bolder, while the initial “E” has been capitalized. The red rectangle was replaced by a blue shape. It was still based on a rectangle but had two of its corners rounded.

Logo Eurobank

The red color was still present but it now was used only for the symbol. The whirl turned into a stylized triangle with rounded corners, which was formed out of two abstract shapes.


While the type used in the Eurobank logo may look pretty simple, it has a unique touch. For instance, note the bottom left angle of the “E” – its rounded shape echoes the elements forming the triangle above as well as the shape of many other glyphs, for instance, the “u” and the “a.”

Company overview

While Eurobank a.d. started working under a single brand and visual identity in 2006, its roots can be traced back to 2003.

The company is headquartered in Belgrade, Serbia and has 80 branches within the country. Its parent company is Greek Eurobank Ergasias.