GE Capital / GE Money Logo

GE Capital logoGE Capital  Logo PNG

The GE Capital logo is based on the roundel emblem of the parent company.

Meaning and history

Ge Capital logo

On the logo, you can see a blue circle containing the intertwined letters “G” and “E” in white. The letters have an elegant calligraphic style.

Next to the roundel, there is the writing “GE Capital.” The first three letters are capitalized, while all the other letters are lowercase.

GE Money

GE Money LogoGE Money Logo PNG

GE Capital’s subsidiaries also use the GE Money brand. Its structure is pretty much the same as that of the GE Capital logo, while the color is slightly different (the red admixture seems a little more prominent here).

GE Money logo

The GE Money logo introduced in 2005 was dominated by the logo of the parent company, the “GE” monogram inside a circle. Below, the lettering “GE Money” in a sans serif type could be seen. As for the GE Money Bank logo, it was almost the same but additionally comprised the word “Bank” in the same type.


The ends of the glyphs in the GE Capital logo are rounded, which makes them look friendly in comparison with the glyphs featuring regular straight angles on the ends. The shape of such letters as the “c,” “a,” and “p” is based on soft ellipses that are also close to a circle in their proportions. This only reinforces the friendly impression.

Emblem GE Capital

Company overview

GE Capital is the name of a subsidiary of General Electric providing financial services. In its turn, it has two divisions offering lending and leasing, among other financial services, to companies from the commercial aviation and energy industries. Also, it collaborates with GE’s industrial business units.

The company was established in 1932. Previously, it offered additional services but those units were eventually sold during the five years between 2013 and 2018.