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Zurich is a Swiss financial-insurance company, which was organized in 1872. Today the Zurich is one of the world’s largest businesses with a perfect reputation. It has operating offices in more than 150 countries across the globe.

Zurich Slogan
  • Because Change Happens.

Meaning and history

Zurich Logo history

1900s – 1997

Zurich Logo 1900s

At its core, the original logo was pretty similar to the current one. They shared the same structure: a circle housing a stylized “Z” and the name of the brand below.
The old logo must have looked almost futuristic for its era, with its simple sans serif typeface and comparatively laconic emblem without all kinds of curls and patterns popular in that era.
And yet, in comparison with the current one, it has several “noisy” nuances and isn’t as sleek. The letter “Z” is angular and looks too flat to echo the shape of the type. Also, the longer version of the brand’s name made the design more cluttered.

1997 – Today

Zurich logo

The Zurich logo is minimalist yet stylish and instantly recognizable. It is composed of a wordmark and an emblem, which also serves as the brand’s icon, located above it.

All capital letters of the wordmark are executed in a classic typeface with bold lines and pointed angles. The font is similar to Friz Quadrada. It is simple yet confident and strong.

The Zurich emblem is a solid blue circle with a white “Z” inside. The “Z” boasts a curved and elongated tail, which created a sense of smooth and calm wave and movement.

Zurich Logo

The blue and white color palette of the Zurich logo is a reflection of the company’s power and authority, its values of quality and accountability. The white accents of the logo add lightness and freshness to the company’s visual identity. It looks elegant and modern in its simplicity.

Being one of the most influential corporations in the world, Zurich is positive and progressive, and its logo fully represents it.