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Escada SE is a luxury women’s apparel brand based in Munich, Germany. Its fashion business is represented by two ranges, Escada Mainline and Escada Sport.

Meaning and history

Escada Sport logo

Let’s see how the Escada Sport logo is different from the main emblem. To begin with, the Escada Sport mark is nothing but the name of the brand. It is given in a utilitarian sans serif type. While the glyphs in the word “Escada” have the same shape in both the primary Escada logo and in the Escada Sport collection, they are bolder and somewhat heavier in the latter.

As for the second word, “Sport,” it is lighter and more transparent than the first one, although the type appears to be the same.

We should also point out that the primary logo of the fashion house includes the double “E” emblem. It looks a bit like the Gucci logo even now, after the update. The Escada Sport logo, on the contrary, does not include the double “E” emblem.