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Ernie Ball is the name of a famous American musician and showman, who was also one of the most successful developers of guitars and accessories. In 1997 Ernie Ball launched a project Battle of Bands.

Meaning and history

Ernie Ball Logo

The Ernie Ball logo is a unique and highly recognizable wordmark, which has no analogs.

It is executed in a hand-drawn serif font and gives a feeling that letters are alive. The wordmark in all-caps is bright and bold. The jumping letters typeface was designed by a legendary artist, Roland Fargo Crump.

The monochrome color palette of the Ernie Ball logo doesn’t make it boring or simple, on the contrary, it makes the visual identity stronger and more remarkable.

Ernie Ball emblem

The Ernie Ball logo is one of a kind, it is a perfect reflection of the legendary name and its heritage. Powerful and energetic, it evokes a sense of warmth and friendliness. One of the most artistic logos of its time, the Ernie Ball logo is a great example of how easy and funny things can compose a perfect brand.