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Despite its seeming simplicity, the Ermanno Scervino logo is an example of a refined and elegant logo that manages to convey the brand’s message.

Meaning and history

Ermanno Scervino Logo history

Ermanno Scervino was created in 2000 by two cofounders, Toni Scervino and Ermanno Daelli. The fashion house is based in Florence, Italy. According to the company, it has around 500 international points of sale.

2000 – 2018

Ermanno Scervino Logo 2000

2018 – now

Ermanno Scervino logo


The logo does not include a pictorial part – there is only the name of the brand. It features an artistic type. The moment you take a closer look, you discover the refined beauty of the serifs. While at smaller sizes, their distinctiveness may be lost, you can see how unusual they look when the glyphs are large enough.

The way the serifs are connected with the main strokes is one of the characteristic features of this type. Another thing to pay attention to is the slightly rounded shape of the serifs on some of the letters (the “E,” the “C,” and the “S,” for instance).


The icon (symbol) is not less interesting than the primary Ermanno Scervino logo. The icon showcases the letter “E” and its mirror reflection. That is quite an unusual approach. In an icon featuring two letters, we would probably have expected to see the initial letters of the name of the brand.

The “E’s” look the same as in the wordmark except that they are slightly tilted.