Persona by Marina Rinaldi Logo

Persona by Marina Rinaldi logoPersona by Marina Rinaldi Logo PNG

Established in 1980, Marina Rinaldi is now a well-known plus-size women’s clothing brand. It is part of the Italian Max Mara Fashion Group.

Meaning and history

Persona by Marina Rinaldi Logo

In addition to the namesake line, the Marina Rinaldi range also includes a line of clothing named Persona. The Persona by Marina Rinaldi logo is based on the brand’s primary logo. Here, the words “Marina Rinaldi” are given in a pretty legible yet distinctive type. At first glance, most of the letters appear to be pretty generic but if you take a closer look, you will notice the tiny details making them unique.

The two “R’s” have elongated ends forming a decorative loop. This element makes the design distinctive and recognizable at first glance.