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Elmore Manufacturing Company was a pioneer in the American automotive industry, owned by James and Burton Becker. Specializing in two-stroke vehicles, Elmore was distinctive in its field. The company’s operations were primarily based in Elmore, Ohio. Despite being short-lived (1893-1912), Elmore left an indelible mark on early automotive history.

Meaning and history

Elmore Manufacturing Company, founded in 1893 by the Becker brothers, James and Burton, was an early American automaker. Notable for its two-stroke engines, Elmore made significant contributions to the burgeoning automobile industry. Its vehicles became popular for their reliability, leading to the company’s acquisition by General Motors in 1909. Unfortunately, GM phased out the Elmore brand by 1912. The legacy of Elmore’s automotive innovations, however, remains notable.

What is Elmore?
Elmore Manufacturing Company was an early American automaker, established in 1893. Noted for its production of two-stroke vehicles, it operated until 1912.

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