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Of the 17 years of their existence the Elmira Jackals played seven years as a member of the United Hockey League and ten years as the ECHL team. Their location was in Elmira, New York. In 2017 the arena of their home games was sold but the owners failed to sell the team. So, when the season ended, the ice hockey team that used to be called the Jackals folded.

Elmira Jackals Logo history

2000 — 2007

As soon as the team was founded in 2000 its logo was unveiled. The logo was distinguishing as it directly reflected the team name. It features the head of a snarling jackal facing to the right with the word “Elmira” over the head and “Jackals” below it. The color palette is silver, navy blue, red and white.

Elmira Jackals Logo 2000

2007 — 2017

Elmira Jackals logo

2007 was a period of change for the Jackals. They joined the ECHL and alongside with a new league they acquired a new logo and a new, fresh and exciting look.

The Jackals altered the familiar snarling jackal head using the same team’s colors but in a different way. There is less white color, but more navy blue and red. The eyes and the mouth are no longer red, yet the new jackal looks fierce with its bared fangs and pupil-less eyes.

Elmira Jackals emblem

They removed the inscription, believing that the image of the jackal itself was recognizable enough.

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