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Schoology is an American software for building a learning environment. Via Schoology, teachers can create class quizzes, conduct grading, share documents with their students, assign homework, et cetera. The software can be easily incorporated in the operational process of every school for free. The revenue is made by custom features – advanced statistics, student administration management, specific branding, and others.

Meaning and history

The Schoology’s original concept was developed in 2007 by Jeremy Friedman, Ryan Hwang, and Tim Trinidad. That time, it was a tool for making notes, but in the future years its functions were renovated and modified. Between 2009 and 2015, the company secured several rounds of large investments which it to develop an advanced version of its app, and attract many clients. By 2014, the soft has been used in 60,000 schools with 7 million students across the world.

What is Schoology?
Schoology is a tool for learning management in schools. Using this application, the teachers can easily form assignments, send homework information to their students, do the grading, et cetera. The main incline in this app, available on Android, IOS, and Kindle, is collaboration between teachers, parents, and students. To help this, the developers added custom payable features, such as advanced branding and analytics, SSO, or student management system.

2009 – today

Schoology Logo

In 2009, with the first investments, the app built their brand identity. The app logotype features the nameplate, featured to the right from the ‘s’ sign, located in a circular frame.


Schoology Symbol

The coloring is a mixture of dark gray and bright blue shades. This combination is shown in the nameplate, which is split into gray ‘school’ part and blue ‘ogy’ element. The ‘s’ letter is gray, while the frame is blue.


The nameplate is split not only by the coloring, but by the font scheme as well. The ‘school’ portion has a typical sans-serif typeface with small intervals in between. ‘ogy’ is actually featured in the same script, but capitalized.

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