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Eden Park is a clothing brand founded in 1987. The range is focused on sports and apparel for men, women, and children.

Meaning and history

Eden Park Logo history

The Eden Park logo is slightly richer than a typical logo of a fashion house. It consists of two lines and a colored emblem.

Old Logo

Eden Park Logo old

Before 2016

Eden Park Logo before 2016

2016 – now

Eden Park logo

The lettering “Eden Park” on the top features an elegant serif type. On the one hand, it has traditional proportions, on the other, each serif has a refined shape. While in most logotypes either all the letters are capitals or all the letters are lowercase, the name of the brand here follows grammar rules. Only the initials are capitalized.

The word “Paris” forming the second line has a more generic look due to the all-caps sans serif type. There is an elegant pink bow tie between the words “Eden” and “Park.”