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Dolomite is an Italian brand of the active-wear manufacturing company, which was established in 1897, specializing only in shoes. The brand became famous as an official supplier of footwear for several mountain expeditions, including K2 in the Himalayas in 1954.

Meaning and history

Dolomite Logo history

The Dolomite visual identity is smooth and calm. The logo, composed of a wordmark with a little graphical element under it, shows the company’s strong link to its history and heritage.

The Dolomite logo is modest and elegant, it looks timeless and perfectly reflects a strong brand with a rich history. It is a minimalist and recognizable visual identity, which shows quality as the center of the company’s values system.

Before 2017

Dolomite Logo old

2017 – now

Dolomite logo

The Dolomite inscription in all capitals is executed in a bold italicized typeface with soft sleek lines. The lettering is perfectly balanced in terms of shapes and spaces. The first “D” looks like the “O” of the wordmark, with its left side flattened. It makes the logo look harmonized and add symmetry.

The calm blue color of the nameplate reflects the brand’s reliability and authority, representing its rich experience and high quality of its products.

The only graphical element of the Dolomite logo is a delicate Italian tricolor, placed under the wordmark’s middle point. The year of the brand’s establishment, 1897, is written above the flag, using the same typeface and color as the nameplate.

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