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EA7 is one of the lines offered by the fashion house Giorgio Armani S.p.A. The EA7 line is part of the Emporio Armani label.

Meaning and history

EA7 logo

The fact that Emporio Armani is the EA7’s parent brand is reflected in the EA7 logo. You can see the lettering “Emporio Armani” and the iconic eagle symbol on it. However, they are rather small, while the logo is dominated by the wordmark “EA7.”

The first two letters are given in a simple sans serif type with classic proportions, rounded ends and angles of the letters. The number “7” is bolder and features sharp angles. What is more important, it is made up of a stripe pattern somewhat similar to the eagle symbol below.

Font and color

The EA7 logotype is split into two parts — the top line in the uppercase of a rounded sans-serif typeface, looking exactly like Sequel Rounded Extended and accompanied by a stylized striped “7”. As for the tagline, “Emporio Armani”, it is also executed in the uppercase, but in the iconic corporate serif typeface with elegant contours, slightly curved tails and thin yet visible serifs on their ends. This font is very close to Didot LP Display and Tiemann Pro Light, sophisticated fancy typefaces, associated with luxury and chic.

The color palette of the label is black and white, a timeless and elegant combination, showing the excellence in quality and design and making the logo visible and recognizable on any possible background, in any surroundings.