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Dynamo Kyiv is the name of one of the most famous Ukrainian football clubs, which was established in 1927. Today the club is in the top 2 of the Ukrainian Premier League, having Mircea Lucescu as the head coach. Dynamo Kyiv is owned by Igor Surkis.

Meaning and history

Dynamo Kyiv Logo history

Dynamo Kyiv  is the most titled club of the USSR and Ukraine. The club took part in all the championships of the highest division of the USSR. The club is included in the list of “The best clubs in the world of the 20th century” and the list of “The best European clubs of the 20th century”. Dynamo Kyiv won fifteen national championships and six Ukrainian Supercups.

What is Dynamo Kyiv?
Dynamo Kyiv is the name of one of the strongest and most famous professional football clubs from Ukraine, which was established in Kyiv in 1927. Throughout its long history, Dynamo Kyiv has never played in any other division, then the Ukrainian Premier League.

1924 – 1926

Dynamo Kyiv Logo 1924
The club’s original logo was a thin rhomb with many different sports-related images inside. It was completely black-and-white and was crowned with a Soviet star.

The very first logo of the Dynamo Kyiv sports club was created in 1924 and stayed active for two years. It featured a narrow and vertically stretched rhomboid shape, and was executed in a dark gray and black palette, with numerous elements engraved on a metallic badge. The name of the club was written in a custom handwritten font in the center of the logo. The top corner of the Dynamo Kyiv rhombus was decorated by a five-pointed star.

1927 – 1938

Dynamo Kyiv Logo 1927
The 1927 was the first time they adopted their usual ‘D’ symbol. It’s basically the Russian ‘D’ letter, written by hand. Here, it uses a dark blue color. They’ve put it inside a white rhomb with an outline of the same color.

1939 – 1970

Dynamo Kyiv Logo 1939
The following design uses the same ‘D’ letter, except thinner, lighter and with a slight bronze outline. The rhomb frame also turned thin and bronze. Lastly, they put a bright red star on top of this shape.

1970 – 1988

Dynamo Kyiv Logo 1970
They continued using the rhomb emblem into the 1970. Here, they changed both outlines to blue, removed the star and introduced other elements. Namely, all of it was placed in the center of a rounded shield image. Its top was occupied by a big ‘УРСР’ writing, which means ‘Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic’ in Ukrainian.
The rest of the logo was occupied by the contemporary flag colors of Ukraine.

1989 – 1995

Dynamo Kyiv Logo 1989
The following design used the letter ‘D’, painted dark blue. Below, they’ve also put a rectangle of the same color. Here, the city name was written in the contemporary variations, using white.

1996 – 2010

Dynamo Kyiv Logo 1996
The 1996 design used the same letter bit, but here it was placed in the middle of a bright yellow circle. Its bottom was occupied by the turquoise plaque with ‘Kiyv’ written on it, as well as the year 1927 in blue. Around the circle, they’ve put a blue ring that held the word ‘Dynamo’ in the bottom and the word ‘Football Club’ along the top. Each was white.

2011 – Today

Dynamo Kyiv logo

The visual identity of the Ukrainian football club is minimalist yet very stylish and memorable. Executed in a very laconic color palette — blue and white — it uses the shade of blue, which looks light, fresh, and elegant, resembling the sky and evoking a sense of freedom, movement, and speed.

The Dynamo Kyiv logo is composed of a blue rhombus with a double white and blue outline and smoothly rounded angles. The rhombus is slightly narrowed and elongated, which makes the badge look elegant and sleek.

In the middle of the badge, there is a white letter “D” in cursive, boasting bold rounded lines it looks like a boat with a big white sail. Under the “D” the “КИÏВ” inscription is placed, also in white, but executed in a simple and strict sans-serif.

The only colorful part of the badge is located over the rhombus and is composed of two yellow-gold stars, which symbolize the club’s wins.

Dynamo Kyiv Colors

HEX: #176FC1
RGB: (23, 111, 193)
CMYK: (85, 55, 0, 0)

RGB: (255, 255, 255)
CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 0)

HEX: #E4AC21
RGB: (22, 172, 33)
CMYK: (11, 33, 100, 0)

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