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Some of the elements that have been often used on the logo of the Italian football club Benevento throughout its history are a wild boar, a witch, and stripes colored red and yellow.

Meaning and history

Benevento logo history

1953 — 1962

FC Benevento Logo 1953

Old versions of the Benevento logo featured a wild boar with a ribbon tied around its body. The emblem was borrowed from the coat of arms of the club’s home city, Benevento.

1965 — 1990

FC Benevento Logo 1965


1990 — 2002


FCS Benevento 1990

Whatever the reason, the Benevento logo subsequently dropped the pig and replaced it by another symbol of the city, a witch on a broom. The emblem was inspired by the 13th-century legends of the witches of Benevento.

Benevento is often referred to as the “city of witches,” and for a reason. In fact, back in the 7th century pagan rituals took place here, which were regarded by local Christians as witchcraft.

2002 — 2005

FC Benevento Logo 2002

From the one hand, the team was fully justified when using a heraldic symbol of the place it was based – that’s what most Italian football clubs did.

2005 — Today

Benevento logo

The current emblem features a shield shape with the name of the club on the top.

Benevento symbol


Benevento emblem

The official colors of the team’s palette are yellow and red. They have been used on the logo since 1965, at least.