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Dude Perfect Logo
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Dude Perfect is the name of a super-popular YouTube channel, and a comedy group, which was established in 2009 in Texas, USA. Today the channel has almost 60 million subscribers and a total of around 15 billion views. The YouTube channel is specialized in sport-related videos and tricks.

Meaning and history

Dude Perfect Logo history

Dude Perfect is one of the most-watched YouTube channels. It was established by a team of five guys from Texas who have never played professional sports but created super exciting sports-related video content. The Dude a perfect crew does wonders in their videos that many athletes would never dream of.

The most-watched tricks of the Dude Perfect channel are connected with basketball and rugby, and their video with ping-pong balls became almost a virus. A separate category of videos is sports stereotypes, where guys make fun of typical sport-disciplines characters. There is always something to laugh at.

There are not many YouTube channels that can brag about having 60 million followers, and even less — with 15 billion views. The guys from Dude Perfect know how to attract attention with fun videos, but they also do everything super professional, starting from the tricks themselves, and finishing with the editing works.

So, meet the gifted team: five guys from Texas — Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, Gareth Hilbert, and twin brothers Cory and Coby Cotton. Their families are also highly involved in video production for the channel. The Dude Perfect team shot their first video in 2009 with an amateur camera in the backyard, and today the team releases high-quality content, with everything set right.

What is Dude Perfect?

Dude Perfect is a popular YouTube channel, created by a comic group of five people from Texas. Since the date of its establishment, in 2009, the channel with sport-related fun content has gained more than 50 million subscribers and almost 15 billion views of its videos.

As for the visual identity, the Texas team Dude Perfect is bold and brave, though the badge is pretty minimalistic, as only uses a stylized monogram and a simple strict logotype on its official logo, all elements are perfectly balanced, and reflect the character of the channel. Apart from the primary logo, Dude Perfect also has its mascot, Panda, which can be seen on various emblems. The Panda has also become an official symbol of the Texas A&M Basketball Games.

2009 — Today

Dude Perfect Logo

The Dude Perfect logo hasn’t been changed since the date of its creation. It is a modern minimalistic badge, composed of a bold stylized monogram, set above the uppercase sans-serif logotype, where the “Dude” pet is executed in a heavier version of the font. The “DP” monogram is set in the lowercase, with the extra-bold letters featuring smooth swoosh-like futuristic shapes, evoking a sense of movement and energy. Both letters have exactly the same contours, but are placed back-to-back, and mirrored upside-down.

The logo of the famous YouTube channel can be seen in two color palettes: white on black, and light turquoise on black. The badge looks different depending on the palette used, with the white dominating it is powerful and confident, while the turquoise shade adds some lightness and youth.