Bloomberg Logo

Bloomberg Logo

Simple as it is, the Bloomberg wordmark is the result of meticulous work of design and marketing professionals.

Meaning and history Bloomberg Logo

Bloomberg Logo

The field the company specializes in imposes specific requirements on the type of logo it uses. For an organization providing financial software tools and news to financial companies every second of its customers’ attention is valuable, so it cannot afford an intricate logotype sporting unusual design elements or creative fonts.

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Description of the emblem Bloomberg

Bloomberg emblem

The logo is instantly recognizable. It contains only the name of the company, without any additional embellishments that could have distracted the reader’s attention.

Current symbol Bloomberg

Bloomberg symbol

The current version of the logo sports bolded letters, which are highly legible. Just a quick glance is enough to read the name of the company. It has been in use since 2015.Although the previous logo may seem almost the same, at first glance, in fact it featured a different version of the same font, in which letters are not bold.

Font of the Bloomberg Logo

Font Bloomberg Logo

Avenir Pro 85 Heavy typeface featured in the current Bloomberg logo was developed by Adrian Frutiger in 1988.

Color of the Bloomberg Logo

Color Bloomberg Logo

Typically, the name of the company is given in black against white background. On the officialBloomberg’s web resource, the logo features a bright shade of blue.

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