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The current Dremel logo looks cleaner and more modern than its pretty cluttered predecessors.

Meaning and history

Dremel Logo history

2001 – 2003

Dremel Logo 2001
The 2001 logo consists of several layers. Firstly, there’s a white ‘Dremel’ wordmark put inside a black rectangle. On the line below it, there’s a black word ‘Advantage’. It uses a font similar to ‘Dremel’, but bolder and tilted. There’s also a lightning bolt instead of a central bar in ‘A’. Lastly, ‘high-speed rotary saw’ is written in the very bottom. It’s also black, but the letters are much plainer.

2003 – Today

Dremel Logo

Dremel is an American brand of power tools founded in 1932 and based in Mt. Prospect, Illinois, the US. It is known primarily for its rotary tools. Dremel Europe, which is a manufacturer of power tools, accessories, and attachments, specializes in home improvement and hobby applications.

The logo of the US brand features a bold, heavy type. Its glyphs, which look somewhat broader than average, seem to represent the company’s core promise – reliability and efficiency of its products. The design forces behind the brand opted for a dark and saturated shade of blue and placed it over the white background. This approach creates enough contrast to preserve the legibility of the logo.

In what way is the Dremel Europe logo different? To begin with, the designers who worked on the logo added the tagline “Big on detail” below the name of the brand. Also, they reversed the color scheme: here, the writing in white is housed inside a dark blue rectangle.

Dremel Logo

1932 – 1935

Dremel Logo old

You can come across a red-dominated roundel version of the emblem. In the center, there is the word “Dremel” in black over the white background. Above and below, there are two identical red fields housing the writing “Since” and “1932” respectively. Three black vertical lines go across both the fields. The design is encircled by the writing “Celebrating 75 years of trust and quality.” This implies that this design was introduced in 2007-2008 as an anniversary emblem.

Dremel Emblem

The anniversary emblem was inspired by a historic Dremel logo seen on old advertisements and products. The historic logo also featured the word “Dremel” inside a circle and the familiar vertical lines. In some cases, the field behind the wordmark was filled with red, too.