DPD Logo


The modification that the DPD logo went through in 2015 reflected the structural changes in its parent company.

Meaning and history

DPD Logo history

1977 – 2015

Logo DPD

The pictorial part of the old logo featured a white 3D cube with black sides. It looked like a hexagon divided into three identical fields. Around the hexagon, there were three identical boomerang shapes in red, which mirrored the shape of the sides of the cube and also resembled arrows.

The cube could be interpreted as a base, a storage place, from which parcels are being delivered in various directions (arrows symbolize motion).

To the left, the name of the brand in black could be seen. The letters were capitalized. They featured an austere and perfectly legible sans.

2015 – Today

DPD Logo

The cube has moved to the left and was colored red, while the lettering has grown smaller. As a result, the design is now dominated by the cube. It has grown more refined, and there is more depth to it. It has got a unique touch due to the unfinished lines in the center. The “unfinished” effect echoes in the shape of the letter “p” with the white gap.

The introduction of the new logo coincided with important events inside the company. In 2015, GeoPost joined its brands DPD, Chronopost, Exapaq, and Seur under one brand DPDgroup.
The cube shape became the primary visual symbol of the connection between the units. Exapaq was renamed DPD France, while the emblem of Chronopost now featured a blue cube and a new type showing it was part of DPDgroup.

The new design was developed by the London office of Lippincott.


In addition to being minimalist and echoing the shape of the cube, the type on the DPD logo has one more advantage. The “d’s” and the “p” seem to have a similar shape, which makes them look as if they are the same letter rotated 180 degrees (we do not take into consideration the gap on the “p,” of course). This approach helps to create a visual connection between the letters making them look like parts of a single whole.

DPD Emblem

Company overview

While the DPDgroup in its current form was established in 1999, its roots can be traced to the 1980s, when Le Groupe La Poste started to provide express transport services using the Chronopost brand.

Today, DPD is an international parcel delivery system delivering 5.3 million parcels every day. The group is headquartered in Issy Les Moulineaux, France.