DoubleClick Logo

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DoubleClick Logo

DoubleClick is an internet advertising company, which was created in 1996 and bought by Google in 2007. The company is mostly known for the development of ad services for the world’s largest corporations.

Meaning and history

DoubleClick Logo history

The DoubleClick visual identity looks laconic and professional. Using the green as the main color of the brand’s palette, the logo is fresh and recognizable.

The DoubleClick logo is composed of an emblem and a wordmark with a tagline on its right. The emblem features an image of two intertwined circles of two different shades of green. They resemble the infinity symbol and represent natural energy and progress.

The wordmark in thin sans-serif typeface looks neat and light. In classic gray color, it evokes a sense of authority and reliability. The “by Google” tagline in the smaller size of the lettering uses a lighter shade of gray and balances the two shades of green in the emblem.

DoubleClick Logo

The DoubleClick logo is simple and modest yet reflects the company’s values of innovations and its professionalism and authority.

Being a Google product, DoubleClick has a visual identity that accents more on the advantages of the brand, than on its design and this is what makes the company one of the market’s leaders.