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Digg is the name of online service, specializes in providing its users with the news, selected especially for them, based on their interests. The service was established in 2004 in the United States and today it is used by millions of people across the globe, being one of the most popular news aggregators.

Meaning and history

Digg logo

The visual identity of the informational online service was introduced in 2004 and is still used by the company without any changes. The Digg logo looks powerful and sharp, and the absence of extra details and colors doesn’t make it boring or usual. It has a character and that character is cool and progressive.

The Digg logo has two different color variations. Its wordmark can be executed in dark gray or blue and is placed on a white background. Whatever the color of the letters is, the Digg insignia always evokes a sense of professionalism and authority, making the user trust.

The wordmark in the lowercase is executed in an ExtraBold square sans-serif type-face with each letter boating straight lines and right angles. The typeface of the Digg logotype is very similar to Mayak Bold font, a modern geometric sans-serif, designed in Russian and published by ParaType in 2017.

The visual identity of Digg can definitely be on the top of the list for the most mini-malist logos ever. It is solid, strict, and brutal, but the lowercase makes it pretty friendly and adds a futuristic touch to the whole idea and execution.