Lindex Logo

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Lindex logo
Lindex is a Scandinavian brand of a fashion retailing company, which was established in 1954 in Sweden. Today the brand is a part of the Stockmann Group and has almost 500 stores all over Europe and in some countries of the Middle East.

Meaning and history

Lindex Logo history

The Lindex text-based visual identity is laconic yet instantly recognizable. Built on a principle of bright color, its logo looks modern and fresh.
The Lindex wordmark in all capitals is executed in a traditional sans-serif typeface, with the only unique element — the letter “E”. The Lindex “X” resembles a mirrored “3” with its middle horizontal bar shortened.
The Lindex nameplate has a lot of light and looks fresh and crispy due to its letters spacing. It looks great on a white background, as its main red color created a bright contrast and represents the company’s passion and power.
The Lindex signature red is a Pantone 199C, which is a soft and calm version of red, evoking a warm and comfortable feeling, and creating a sense of love and friendship.
Lindex logo
The Lindex logo is minimalist yet contemporary and actual. It reflects the company’s retailing focus and makes the brand stand out from the list of its competitors.