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DeWalt produces power tools and hand tools for various industries, from construction to woodworking. The DeWalt logo conveys power and reliability.

Meaning and history

DeWalt Logo history


1947 – 1949

DeWalt Logo 1947

The brand was established in 1923 by Raymond E. DeWalt, who happened to be the inventor of the radial arm saw.
By 1947, the brand already had a distinctive emblem in red and white. The logo was dominated by the second name of the founder, which was given in bold serif letters. The type was somewhat unusual, especially the “D,” where the gap inside formed a triangle (or an arrow, if you please). You could also notice the triangular pattern in other glyphs. Apparently, the shape symbolized the sharp elements of the saw.
The words “Power Tools” in a simple sans could be seen below. They were much smaller and served as explanatory text. It was necessary as the design contained no other indications of the type of product the brand made.
The lettering was white over the rather bright and clear red background. Two white lines (above and below the text) were added as a finishing touch.

1949 – 1960

DeWalt Logo 1949

The updated design reflected the fact that DeWalt was purchased by American Machine & Foundry Co. Inc. The deal took place in 1949. The lettering “Another AMF product” appeared above the old logo. It showcased a highly legible and quite simple sans. The abbreviation “AMF” was set in a different type, which was rounded and elongated. There was a red ring around the three letters.

1960 – 1969

DeWalt Logo 1960

1969 – 1992

DeWalt Logo 1969

1975 – 1992

DeWalt Logo 1975

1960 – Today



When Black & Decker became the owner of DeWalt in 1960, the logo was changed once again. This time, the transformation went deeper affecting not only the shape of the glyphs but also the palette.
And yet, the authors of the logo of DeWalt Industrial Tool Company preserved the old structure, to create a visual link between the old and new versions. You could still see the name of the band in bold letters between two horizontal lines. The fact that all the other words disappeared made the emblem cleaner and easier-to-grasp.


The type in the original DeWalt logo was unique and meaningful (the triangle as a symbol of the saw). While the current one may look generic, it is also cleaner and simpler. The bold glyphs symbolize the reliability and quality of the tools.


The current combination of yellow and black seems more recognizable than the red from the previous emblem. The red was great at conveying power (an essential message for the brand). And yet, the yellow and black do this job perfectly, too, and also help to make a logo that stands out.