DeviantART Logo

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DeviantART Logo

DeviantArt is an art and photography online platform, which was created in 2000. The service was launched in order to unite professional and amateur artists as well as for connoisseurs, and today has a wide catalog of works in all the possible categories.

Meaning and history

DeviantART Logo history

The latest DeviantArt visual identity was designed by Moving Brands agency in 2014. The new logo is composed of a wordmark with an abstract emblem on its left.

The DeviantArt nameplate is executed in a bold sans-serif typeface, which is the Calibre font, designed by Klim Type Foundry. The letters are distinct and solid. The thing that makes the wordmark unique is its diagonal cut, which goes in parallel with the bars of “A” and “V”.

The DeviantArt emblem is a part of a figure, formed by two letters “A”, where the left “A” is placed upside down. On the first sight, the emblem looks like a vertical diagonal line with two short bars going out of it in the different sides, but when you see the brand’s logo pattern, created by Moving Arts, the “A” symbols become visible.

The bright green and black color palette of the DeviantArt logo is a reflection of creativity and young energy. The logo evokes a sense of dynamics and vitality, at the same time representing a strong and reputable art gallery.