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The University of Detroit Mercy is represented by the athletic teams playing under the name of the Detroit Mercy Titans.

Meaning and history

Detroit Titans logo history

The Detroit Titans, a well-recognized athletic team, were founded as part of the University of Detroit Mercy, a private, Catholic university in Detroit, Michigan. Their inception dates back to the early 20th century, emerging as a significant entity in the realm of college sports. The Detroit Titans represent the university in the NCAA Division I level, primarily competing in the Horizon League.

The team has achieved notable success in various sports, particularly in basketball and soccer. Their men’s basketball team has made several appearances in the NCAA tournament, a testament to their competitive spirit and skill. Additionally, the women’s basketball team has also garnered attention for their remarkable performances. The soccer teams, both men’s and women’s, have been competitive in their respective leagues, often achieving high rankings and making substantial contributions to the university’s athletic prestige.

In recent years, the Detroit Titans continue to uphold their reputation for excellence in college athletics. They remain a formidable presence in the Horizon League and continue to cultivate talented athletes who excel both in their sports and academic pursuits. Their current position reflects a strong commitment to sportsmanship, competition, and the overall development of student-athletes.

What is Detroit Titans?
The Detroit Titans is an athletic team representing the University of Detroit Mercy in NCAA Division I competitions. Known for their competitive spirit in basketball and soccer, they have a rich history of achievements in college sports.

1991 – 2007

Detroit Titans Logo-1991

In 1991, the team adopted an emblem featuring the lettering “UDM Titans” in two lines. The word “UDM” was by far larger than “Titans.” Above the name of the team, a white helmet with the red trim could be seen.

2008 – 2015

Detroit Titans Logo-2008

The following Detroit Titans logo, which was unveiled in 2008, depicted a sword and a shield. The lettering “Detroit Titans” could be seen in the forefront.

2016 – Today

Detroit Titans Logo

Eight years later, the team made a couple of subtle alterations. To begin with, the word “Mercy” was added to the text. Also, the updated Detroit Mercy Titans logo featured slightly darker shades of blue and red.

Detroit Titans basketball

Detroit Titans basketball logo

Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams compete in the NCAA Division I as members of the Horizon League. Their home arena is Calihan Hall. The men’s team made it to the Sweet Sixteen in 1977. Their head coach is Mike Davis. The women’s team appeared in the NCAA Tournament once.


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