Dermacol Logo

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Dermacol is a cosmetics brand offering a variety of products from make-up to skincare, sun care, body care, and hair care to fragrances.

Meaning and history

The Dermacol logo would have been great if there had been no resemblance with other, better-known logotypes. The most obvious example is the logo of Dolce & Gabbana. While the letters are “D” and “G” and they are not interlaced there, you cannot help but notice the similarity. Even the pink background does not help to break this link. Also, the way the two letters interlace remind the Chanel logo, the Gucci emblem, and that of the Escada.

Emblem Dermacol

And still, we should certainly mention the soft and unique, yet perfectly legible type used for the wordmark. There is a “natural treatment” effect on the wordmark due to the rounded glyphs and the fact they are lowercase (all except the initial, like the names of many drugs).

The shape behind the “DC” emblem reminds the sun above the sea, which only reinforces the “natural” impression.